Engineering Solutions


Our aim is to build a green environment by using renewable energy, energy saving and insisting people to use Eco friendly products. We provide Engineering Solutions.

Want to be the preferred partner of choice of the industry in providing high quality Solar Energy System, Solar Air Coolers, Energy Efficient Lighting and Energy Auditing, Fire Safety and Engineering Solutions.


Uttaron Technologies from its inception in 1995 is doing all sorts of Engineering Works including consultancy for various types of clients. With the recent development in concept and meaning of safety, UT has started factory inspections since last three years. Which is a new concept but fundamentally it is an implementation of the expertise in a systematic way only.

Following the rules, codes and guidelines is must to avoid any sorts of disaster in any installation causes from fire due to unplanned installation, maintenance and follow-up. UT does the SAFETY assessments in compliance with the regulations, prepare the report with the list of areas to improve and provide guidelines to build the capacity to mitigate the disasters within the limitations for your factories. 

Using of latest, calibrated and certified, sophisticated world class Tools makes us different from others.



Electrical, Fire, Structural Safety Assessment and Electrical Remedial Works

Detail Engineering Assessment- Core Cutting, Upv, Sub-Soil Test, Hammer Test, Re-bar Scanning and Retrofitting Works 



Fire Safety Works